Monday, September 6, 2010


An observation, with little to corroborate, but bear with me.

I'm waiting at the photocopying place for some... uh... photocopies to finish, and looking around, I gaze at the wall that's covered with various kinds of pens - packs of ten usually, with brand ambassadors on their packaging, holding the pen that's being hawked.

Now with a terribly small survey size and empirical evidence, I document the poses struck by said ambassadors:

(in no particular order)

A. The knife-thrower: This appears to be the most popular one, with SRK, SRT and MSD all adopting the same grip. As it suggests, they're holding the pen with a loose wrist, SRK looking especially murderous, about to fling the pen with an intent to make it stick in the eye socket of the photographer.

B. The stab: This was used by SRK (ambassador for Linc pens) in their ocean gel line, which is a reverse of the knife thrower, him ready to plunge it into his thigh.

C. The hump: It's not really a pen-pose, more the model pose on the Saber Freestyle line, which is a woman with her back arched and rump thrust out seductively, while a guy is positioned right behind her, pen in hand.

D. My favourite, and used by the legend SRT when endorsing the Reynolds 045 line - he stands holding a man-sized (greater than man, actually - then again, he's really short) model of the pen, it upright next to him with his arm around it. I give you, the elephant cock cradle.

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